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The importance of having more views on YouTube shares

Getting more views on YouTube is one of the best ways for boosting the popularity of videos on this big website. When people share videos on this website they worry about the number of views they will obtain. People who are posting videos and have never worried about the view count may want to simply share the videos with their friends and family. But business owners need to have more YouTube views so that they can advertise their brand product and services. Even there are people who do not like to promote anything but want to make their video go viral to get fame. Below mentioned are some important reasons why you have more views on their videos at this video sharing website.

Reasons to have more YouTube videos

    • The videos will be seen by a huge number of audiences. For businesses, obtaining their brand name out in the market and get recognized by many people is very essential. Even it requires more traffic on its website to get more customers. When a business person shares a video through this site, he or she can have the ability to reach his brand product or service reach worldwide market.
    • Views, likes, comments and reviews are requirements of Google and other search engines for seo strategies. Business owners using YouTube as a way to advertise their brand, website or product has to understand the needs for seo strategies. They need to have many views on YouTube videos to get high search engine rank for their website.


  • People who want to have more views need to make their video popular. They have to make the video reach internet users who are surfing this video sharing website to watch something related to the video. Most of the internet users watch videos that have more views and what everyone else is seeing. People can share the video link with their friends and family members to obtain more YouTube views. They can post the video URL on social websites such as facebook or social messengers such as whatsapp and hike to get more views.


How to increase the number of views

Here are some ideas for people to increase the views for the video they shared on YouTube.

  • The title of the video is very important consideration. You have to choose the title with relevant keyword and phrase so that audience can easily find through searching.
  • YouTube did not provide a separate video description box for the users. Some of the essential elements they have to include in the description for their videos are keyword phrase, mini blog post and the URL.
  • Google listen to the video before any other users ever sees it. Google is good at indexing the video and it figures out what the video is about. Users can capitalize on the video by creating as well as uploading the full transcript of their video.
  • Add the custom thumbnail so that internet users can scan through the search results easily with a thumbnail.  
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