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How to Make Your YouTube Video Go Popular

Nowadays YouTube is still keeping the second largest search engine as well as the third most frequently visited website. If you are planning to market your products or brand on social media platforms, YouTube remains a terrific choice for you. However, if you cannot make your YouTube video fascinating and attractive enough, you will miss this great opportunity. So, it comes to the question of how to make your YouTube video go popular. The following sections will introduce a list of elements to make your YouTube video go popular.

1. SEO and Title

For some people, SEO seems to be complicated and difficult to understand. However, it really plays an important role in making terrific YouTube video. To use it, select one major keyword and then incorporate it in order to create the title and describe your video.

2. High-quality Content

No matter what kind of video you’re going to create, be sure to make a video in high quality. Keep a short video which takes about two to three minutes so that your audiences have the patient to finish it. Or else, a long and tedious video are not able to keep the audience watching. In addition, keep in mind that the content must be worthy of watching and sharing.

3. Promotion on other Social Platforms

Before people randomly browse and find your video, you shall first share it on other social platforms like Facebook. It is wise to promote your video on other social platforms. YouTube ad is also a good option and investment which could bring much more exposure.

4. Engage with your audience

You should make your settings to allow your audiences to comment, vote, rate, and share your video on their social platforms. Frankly speaking, a lot of people choose to limit viewer access due to the reason that it is really hard for them to create the video. However, if you indeed want your viewers to discuss your video, allow them to share it or embed it. Although it is inevitable to come across negative comments, remember that it’s also part of becoming popular.

Apart from the above elements, you should also consider about your target audience. Needless to say, if you are targeting at teenagers, you cannot find the interested topics and content of the adult. To sum up, you shall know what your target audiences really want to watch and share.

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