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How to Create and Utilize a Public Figure Facebook Page

Have you thought about creating a public figure Facebook page? In this case, your personal profile can be separated from the public one. Why a Public Figure? For example, if your potential customers regard you as an authority, they will be attracted and come to you. In other words, it is much easier for you to reach out to your potential customers.

Public Figure Facebook page is a great tool to grow your brand and product. Apart from looking more official, the public figure page has the following advantages.

  • Run ads to advertise your content.
  • Win page likes to prove authority.
  • Get your page performance in details.

Keep in mind that expertise is the best asset for personal branding. If you don’t have something to teach, you won’t get engagement. Actually, you don’t have to prepare a product before promotion. You can promote your brand from now on so that people will trust you and buy your products when you have one later.

1. Generate Your Public Figure Page

To generate your page, go to Facebook’s page creator and choose Band, Artist, or Public Figure as your page type. Next, choose Public Figure and enter your name, then tap Get Started. Then, your new public page is generated. In the top left corner, tap Add a Picture. You’d better select a professional-looking picture in high quality to show who you are. Next, tap Add a Cover to upload a cover picture or video.

2. Connect Your Public Figure Page to Business Manager

First, you need to create an account of Business Manager. If you do not have, create one. Open your public figure Facebook account, and go to the website of Then, tap Create Account and put in your business name. Next, enter your business name and email address. Tap Finish to generate your account.

Next, go to Business Manager and tap Business Settings in order to claim your Facebook page. On the tab of People and Assets, tap Pages in the menu. Tap Add New Pages and select Add a Page. Enter your page name or URL, and then tap Add Page. In this way, you have your page claimed.

3. Build Trust with Your Content

After set up your public figure page, it’s time for you to publish content and build trust. Produce a “Why” video to explain your mission and your object. If audiences understand what you stand for, they are likely to be your followers.

If viewers give positive feedbacks about you, ask endorsements from them to agree you to quote in future. Utilize these endorsements to build credibility of your brand.

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