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It’s tiring and difficult to build an initial foundation starting from nothing. Those who have already established a following will have no trouble in continuing to expand it, but if you’re looking to gain new Instagram followers and you are just starting out, creating that first push for exposure can lead to little results.

That is why social promotion and making the choice to buy Instagram followers can do wonders for your social media profile. We can help give you that initial boost that will lead to an exponential rise in the interaction your account receives.

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Happy Customer Review

I love traveling. And I found out I actually have some sort of talent for photography. I knew I was really good at it when my friends started asking me for tips. I already have a blog talking about my travels. But then I realized no one really bothers to read it and they just like the photos. So I hit on a perfect idea: I’ll create a instagram page to share my photos. Piece of cake, right?

Except it’s not. At first, I wasn’t really bothered that the likes weren’t coming in. I thought that most people are busy on week days so the views should pick up by the weekend. Except it didn’t, either.

Two weeks passed by and none of my photos haven’t even passed the 100 likes mark. Surely, I have more friends than that? Heck, I have more extended family members than that!

A friend of mine told me that unfortunately, I wasn’t “credible” enough. What?! I went on all those trips and experienced everything first-hand. How can I lack credibility?

Well, as she explained it, in the world of the internet, your trustworthiness is directly proportional to the number of views and likes you have. I may have all the best photos, better than the many travel pages on Instagram, but they have the followers. I don’t. So that means my photos are going nowhere. So what do I do?

I finally decided to buy some followers and photo likes. The way I figure, I just need to get to my first 5,000 or so and then people will finally start paying attention. But I wanted to make sure I buy from someone legitimate. After all, I didn’t want Instagram to suspend my account or hold my photos.

Luckily, I found YTfab. I spent less than $50 and was promised 10,000 followers. I was pleasantly surprised. Everything was delivered ahead of the promised time. I never encountered any trouble with Google or Instagram. And the best thing is I was able to communicate well with the site’s owner, we understood each other perfectly.

My Instagram page is well on its way to earning the credit I needed and this site helped make it happen. Will I use their service again? Heck yeah. They’re awesome and worth my every penny.