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50% OFF for ALL Package. Limited Offer

Buy twitter followers: some queries

We all love to be loved or envied. With the internet and the instruments it provides, it is very easy to realize this dream. Twitter is one of the online channels available that serves as a barometer of popularity and adoration for a brand, business product or individual. One of the best ways to gain fame is to buy more twitter followers. Before you do so, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you know what you are buying?
  • How does it work?
  • Why would you want this?
  • What happens after you have bought Twitter followers?
  • Will you get into trouble?

You are not buying real followers. They are robot accounts that have been automated through software towards your username. They do not re-tweet, or interact in any way. They are just a statistic in your profile.

How does it work?

Generally, the sellers use accounts that have been compromised. Other methods include the creation of accounts with captcha bypass exploits. The compromised accounts, using botnets, are then subjected to scripts that make them follow the profile you provide.

Why would you want this?

The online eyes in today’s world bulge on finding large numbers online, be it be views on YouTube video or Facebook Likes and yes, Twitter followers. On this peacock-like web world we live in, a large twitter following translates into fame. This is a good reason as any to get twitter followers.

What happens after you have bought Twitter followers?

Eventually, people online will notice your big twitter following. You will start to appear like a “big deal” whether you are or not. Prospective customers will think your product is great to attract such a big following and you will also start getting real Twitter followers who you can engage with organically.

Will you get into trouble?

For the moment, purchasing twitter following does not seem to be in violation of twitter’s terms of service. With the purchase, you are not spamming anyone which means you are not an annoyance online.

For whatever reason that you decide to purchase twitter followers, do not mistake popularity for credibility. Only your content can give you that.